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Jet Clear Microdermabrasion

What is Jet Clear Microdermabrasion?

Say goodbye to messy crystals and scratching and hello to cool lush elegance! The Jet Clear is the “next generation” microdermabrasion. This transdermal peeling system is highly effective for wrinkle reduction, skin texture improvement and removal of unwanted pigmentation. The Jet Clear is phenomenal for unclogging pores, treating acne, and removing any debris that has built up in the skin over the years. It works not just on the skins surface, but at the cellular level. It exfoliates, hydrates, peels, plumps, firms, brightens, and infuses without any trauma to the skin. You will never go back to traditional microdermabrasion again!

Add Ons

  • Tomato Enzyme Peel
  • Double Trouble Lactic Pomegranate Acai peel
  • Mocha Loca Chocolate Lactic Acid peel
  • Skin Couture Oxygen Mousse peel
  • Cocktail Vermouth Twist peel
  • Apple Lactic peel
  • Vitamin C Lactic peel

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