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Reviews from Yelp

I went back to Regenesis skin spa yesterday and had and IPL treatment (this was my second) and I have to say “I have never been happier with the results. I am so thrilled with the results I just want to give everyone who need to have a brighter more youthful face go and have the IPL treatment. I am so happy that I did. They have so many treatments there to choose from that I am sure you are sure to find something to make your face a look as good as it can be. The owner Terri knows her stuff!!! I will be back for more treatments. From one very satisfied customer !!! Thank you Terri for all you do to help my face look clear and bright.


Terri is very skilled and educated, has state-of-the-art equipment, a beautiful office and very reasonable and affordable pricing. She took her time with my procedure and genuinely cared about getting me the best results. I got better results with Terri’s IPL than I did at the overpriced Southpark dermatologist’s office I had my first IPL’s with. I have already scheduled 2 more IPL’s (I had a lot of sun damage) and C.I.T. SO happy to have someone this awesome in Union County!!!


I sort of don’t want the secret to get out because it will become harder to get an appointment but…Terri is awesome! I have wasted hundreds of dollars on IPL at other places, only to be burned(literally) and have it have zero effect other than making things worse. I decided to give it one more try and I am SO glad I did.

When I was a teenager I had amazing skin, peaches and cream gorgeousness. Ever since then? Not so much. At 34 I figured I should just give up because I had sun damage and wrinkles and uneven skin tone, add in rosacea, adult acne and dry patches and you got a mess, not even a hot one.

It has been less than a week since my IPL with Terri and my skin GLOWS! It’s baby soft, the age spots have almost disappeared, my pores are smaller and the wrinkles are gone except when I smile really cheesy. No more uneven skin tone, the acne is gone, I look ten years younger!

Granted, I have also started drinking more water, and I finally found the charger for my Clarisonic so I have begun using that twice a day again, but I have done all that before with nowhere near this sort of a result. Terri herself is warm and engaging, and she makes you feel as if she truly cares that you look and feel beautiful, you are not just a paycheck to her.

Go! Go now!


I just LOVE Terri and the way she helps me with my skin. From facials to CIT to explaining everything to me with no pressure to buy anything. Terri really knows her stuff and she is great at what she does. So glad I found her and will be telling the world about how good she is at what she does for my skin. Thank you Terri.


Terri is knowledgeable and experienced. She takes the time to choose the correct service for you to have your skin get the best result possible


Reviews from Groupon

Terri’s establishment is top quality! Excellent results!

What a fantastic experience. Terri took the time ask questions, understand my concerns. I would not hesitate to go back!

Great staff!!

Beautiful relaxing decor, excellent customer service, Terri is very professional, knowledgeable and great personality

Great place, very knowledgeable staff

Would absolutely recommend! 🙂

They were awesome!!!!!!

Everyone was very nice, relaxed and welcoming but still professional. I had a very good experience and will be returning for additional treatments.

I was very pleased and will return for further treatments

Thank you, and looking forward to my next service.

Terri is amazing. She treats each client as an individual and takes time to learn what it is you are looking to achieve. Terri explained several treatment options that would accomplish my goals and together we created a plan that fit my needs and budget. I highly recommend you visit Regenesis and discover for yourself, just how wonderful Terri will make you look and feel.

Cute treatment room. Very good service. She took time to explain the procedure and answer questions. I got the appointment time wrong she graciously took me early.

The experience was relaxing and very good for the repair to my damaged skin. Thank you Regenesis Skin Studio.

Terri is great, she is not a magician and she cannot do the impossible but she comes darn close!

Reviews from Superpages

I’ve been seeing Terri ever since I moved to Charlotte 2 years ago. She is truly amazing. My skin has Never looked as good as it does now. I’m 42 years-old and get hit on by younger men quite often. Most are shocked when I tell them my age. It makes me feel great if someone tells me I look a lot younger than I am. I’m confident because my skin looks fantastic. I honestly feel beautiful in my own skin and owe it all to Terri.


Reviews from Facebook

I went to Regenesis yesterday for the first time and had the oxygen facial with the jet clear and I cannot believe how my skin looks and feels!!!! For the first time in a long time I am so happy with the results from a facial. I will be back there many more times. I love the results!!! Thank you from a new customer for life!!!!

I am so amazed by my IPL results! Thank you so much; I can’t wait for my next treatment!!!

Reviews from Vagaro

Love them

The décor rocks! Terri is awesome and attentive!

Terri is wonderful, beautiful inside and out. She only wants the best for her clients and really cares about them.

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