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Capillaries, Skin Tags and Sunspots

VascuTouch is a new “electrocoagulation” system, which will quickly and effectively remove unsightly facial growths caused by such things as sun damage, aging, genetics, medications, hormones, childbirth, and skin trauma. VascuTouch produces comparable results as traditional laser treatments, without bruising, scarring, skin discoloration or higher treatment cost. Whatever their origin, vascular blemishes are easily and permanently removed with the VascuTouch.

VascuTouch Will Effectively Treat A Variety Of Skin Conditions

  • Visible Capillaries: Capillaries are small facial veins commonly observed on the cheeks and around the nose
  • Cherry Angiomas: Cherry angiomas resemble red dots or large red moles. They are also known as blood blisters and are usually found on the torso.
  • Milia: Milia are a small, hard white bump that resembles a stubborn whitehead. Milia are usually located on the forehead.
  • Skin Tags: Skin tags are hanging moles which are mostly around the neck area.
  • Sunspots: Sunspots are small brown spots caused by repeated exposure to UV rays.
  • Acne Lesions

How does the VascuTouch work?
A combination of direct current and radio frequency ablation is used to coagulate or melt off the skin imperfection.

How is VascuTouch procedure done?
A fine tipped sterile probe is placed on the skin’s surface, above the vessel or blemish to be treated. There is no pressure or penetration of the skin during the treatment. The blood in the tiny vessel is clotted or coagulated and stops flowing. With the proper “post” treatment care the vessel is naturally absorbed into the surrounding tissue and typically within three to four weeks will disappear. Skin tags are treated in minutes with the VascuTouch and fall off within three to four days.

How long does a VascuTouch treatment take?
Most blemishes are removed in seconds. Depending on the number of capillaries, most conditions can be corrected in one or two 15 minute sessions.

What about “post” treatment care?
Pay close attention not to disturb the treated vessels for twenty-four hours. Undue stress could cause renewed blood flow and the vessel will not dry up and absorb. With proper care the treated vessel will look darker the next day. This is normal and a good sign that the vessel was properly treated. Topical healing cream and sunscreen is also recommended.